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Best Banjo Brands

Best Banjo Brands Few things will come close to buying that brand name banjo. For all the time spent practising on those cheaper models, which are perfect for beginners, the finishes and additional touches that make a quality banjo can feel like gold in deserving hands. Make no mistake, the best banjo brands aren't focused on saving money. Their aim is to satisfy the musician and a lot of expensive time and materials go into the process.

The following brands are well-known and trusted across the globe for their banjos and other stringed instruments..

Deering Banjo Company

This manufacturer made its appearance in 1975 as a family business. As with most great quality equipment, it started small with custom designs. After reaching a high level of popularity they started to take beginners into account. The result was known as the "Goodtime" series. This is a simplified version which costs a whole lot less, but still retains deering quality. It is a great stepping stone for enthusiastic players who are just getting started. 


One of the oldest companies to exist, Gibson has been making banjos since before the Second World War. In modern times it's hard to imagine that their quality was heavily questioned back in the day. Yet the demand kept growing, mostly due to the affordability at that particular time. The great thing about them is the variety which they present. It is one of the most versatile brands on the market today, catering for professionals and beginners alike. 

Gold Tone

It is rather new compared to the other manufacturers, but it also prides itself on better quality for less money. Thanks to Wayne Rogers and his original design of the TB-100 in 1993, Gold Tone has developed into a very sought after brand. Beginners should definitely take a look at the range available because even their high-end banjos have very reasonable price tags. Wayne's single design quickly expanded into 5 and 6 string banjos along with Banjitars, mandolins and metal bodies. Their slogan is "More Bang for the Buck" which says it all (and goes rather well with this banjobang.com site!). 


Last but not least, Washburn currently holds the title for the best beginner banjo called the B9. It has a classic style which promises to entertain novice and pro players all day long. Along with Gibson, this manufacturer isn't limited to one instrument and their reputation for great quality bass guitars is still very much alive. The B9 is most probably the best choice for aspiring players. It is inexpensive and don't need to be replaced later on with something better.


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